The Clash Is the Most Popular Punk Rock Band From Britain

The group was established in 1976 and released their debut album known as the Clash in 1977. The album became popular. The band released their third album known as Calling in 1979 and this increased the band popularity in America. Their third album was declared the best by rolling stone magazine.

The band line up was composed of Joe Strummer, Tropper Headon Mick Jones and Paul Simonon. Besides the band releasing their most successful rock albums London Calling, the band also produced other popular unforgettable albums like Sandinista and Combat Rock. The band featured various music genres like rap and dubs in the album Sandinista. This album was produced by the group members and Mikey Dread. Mikey was a popular reggae musician from Jamaica. Despite the challenges that, the band went through, the Clash managed to establish a unique place for itself, not only in United Kingdom but globally. The band managed to accomplish this, with the help of band members and amazing songs that the band produced. The band performed their first concert in 1976. After this concert, Levene decided to quit from the band.

The Sex Pistols were the first rock band from British but the Clash was considered as the best because of their musical endeavors. The band expanded their music with reggae and other roots. Besides that, the band was blessed with exceptional songwriters such as Mick Jones and Joe Strummer. Each of these musicians had a distinctive voice. Strummer and Jones were good in composing songs, about poverty and boredom. Joe Strummer is the one who came up with idea that the band should be called the Clash after; he discovered how frequently, the word was used in the newspaper. The Clash was popular on both sides of the Atlantic. In U.K they were heroes, thou it took several years for the band to break into American market but the band managed to become popular in America in 1982. Their attitude and musical style influenced so many rock musicians those within punk rock and outside. Before the band disbanded, they were canonized as rock saints. The posse mostly sung about revolution. Joe Strummer spent most of his childhood life, in boarding school and by the time he was twenty years old, he had formed a band known as the 101’ers. Before Mick Jones joined the Clash, he was playing in another band known as London SS.

The band disbanded after performing at Combat Rock concert. The group was forced to fire Headon because of drug addiction problems. Drugs were interfering with his performance on stage. The band replaced Headon with Chimes.

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