Rate Your Children’s Movies

As a parent, it’s my job to make sure the movies my children watch are appropriate. I don’t rely on the standard movie rating system.


The standard movie ratings are given by a group of parents that are part of a committee called the film and rating board, which is part of the Classification and Rating Administration. The following quote, taken directly from [], explains the process:

“As a group they review each film and, after a group discussion, vote on it’s rating, making an educated estimate as to which rating most American parents would consider appropriate.”(emphasis mine)

If the members of the film and rating board don’t know me and my children, how can they have any idea of what I would consider appropriate? They can’t.

I do admire the work the group does and I’m glad they exist. But, even though this system is generally good, I have seen many that I don’t agree with. I personally review the movies my children watch before I allow them to watch.

You have to be careful because anyone can miss something. And it seems, at least at times, the movie makers try to slip things in on us. If the film and ratings board misses something, there’s a good chance that another set of eyes will catch it.

The bottom line? My children are mine, not the children of the film and ratings board. I will decide what is appropriate and what isn’t.

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