Movies That Bring the Action to Your Lap!

Everyone enjoys a good movie. The theater, the popcorn, the excitement of watching something new and interesting on the big screen. But when you throw in some awesome 3-D effects, then your viewing experience takes on a whole new feeling! When the 3-D movies begin to be played in the local theaters, everyone takes notice. The younger generation will want to see the new movie, and be buzzing around town of the cool effects, and the silly little plastic glasses you need to wear while watching. The older generation will all be sitting back and laughing, reminiscing of first dates, and “back in my day” when the special blue and red lensed glasses were paper, and you threw them away after you watched the movie.

In today’s 3-D movies, they are made using multiple projectors, and some of the images on the screen aren’t even real. They add certain items, places, or even people using computer graphics and digital technology. The special glasses they offer you in the theater, or that come with the movie if you choose to purchase it for home viewing, are designed to let each eye only see the specific colors they need to see in order for things on the screen to stand out.

3-D movies are made in all genres, but by far the most popular are the horror movies. The general public of moviegoers love to watch an awesome scary movie in 3-D. The spooks and frights are more real, and therefore even more frightening. When the crazed, deranged ax-wielding murderer is hot on an innocent victims trail, it looks as if he is coming for the audience as well. Screams and gasps will fill the air in the theater in short time, as well as good-natured laughter from the teasing friends. “You aren’t really that scared are you?”

Comedies or even children’s movies make a great platform for 3-D movies, because the fun keeps getting better and better. Colors bouncing around the screen will draw the attention of even the most hyper child, making them sit in wonder, happily watching the events transpire. The oohs and aahs from awe-struck children enjoying a favorite past time of their parents will bring a feeling of nostalgia to all the adults in the theater.

Going to the theater on the weekend with friends or a special someone has always been a wonderful experience. Now, you can make that experience even more enjoyable by sitting down together to watch a 3-D movie. Bring the action, suspense, horror, or comedy right to your lap. You and your friends will be talking about it for a long time after, and won’t be able to wait until the next 3-D movie comes to your town’s theater. And you get all the action, in mind blowing, in your face 3-D for the same price of a regular movie! And when you are ready to bring the experience home, the special glasses come with the movie, and you get multiple pairs, so the whole family can watch! Now that’s entertainment to me!

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