Harrison Ford Got the Biggest Break EVER in Hollywood History – While Fixing a Door

Today Harrison Ford is a household name. Thanks to the mega-hit series Star Wars and Indiana Jones and films such as Air Force One, Patriot Games, Blade Runner and Witness, Ford is one of the most recognizable faces in the world.

But, as with all actors, he had to get a break.

Indiana Jones – Class Wimp

By his own admission, Harry was the class wimp. He took up acting in college because it didn’t require a lot of guts or strength.

By the early age of 21 he had landed a contract as a studio-player in LA. But unfortunately it was for just $150 a week.

Small Roles – Including One You Have Seen

Ford landed a few small roles, including a memorable cameo in American Graffiti. His early credits include guest roles on TV series, Gunsmoke, Dynasty, Kung Fu, The Mod Squad and, even, Love American Style.

But was still making ends meet by picking up carpentry jobs around LA.

It was at one such job, when he was 35 years old, that he finally got his break.

The Mother-of-All-Breaks and the Stuff of Hollywood Legend

Harry was fitting a door for director Francis Ford Coppola (pretty nice carpentry job) when a visiting studio executive asked him to read a few lines with some actresses they were auditioning for a new film by a young director.

Harry took a break — and got his break.

The “new film” was Star Wars and even though none of those actresses got a part, the executive love Harrison and asked him to play Han Solo.

It’s the stuff legends — and dreams — are made of.

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