Get Off The Couch And Become A Real Rock Star Guitar Player

There are literally millions of people who have bought and still play the guitar hero and rock band games, they are fun and are a great way to feel like you are a rock star without the money and fame of course! While these games have brought classic rock music to many youngsters who may not have heard it otherwise, the one big complaint is that the games do not teach kids how to become real musicians, so how do you become a real guitar player?

You need to love music and really want to play the guitar more than anything firstly, there will be doubters and people ready to make fun of you for trying to play, and these are sometimes even your close family members, you may need a thick skin and be prepared to ignore any negativity to achieve your goals.

If you decide to play it is always a good idea to find a teacher to help you start the right way and to guide you into a structured practice regime, this also gives you someone who you know will be waiting to see if you practiced after the last lesson, and this can make you want to do it during those times when it may be hard to get the motivation.

You want to make sure that your teacher knows what they are doing though, because any bad habits that they may have will be passed onto you and you may have to relearn to do things the proper way in the future. A recommendation is always good, or someone who does it professionally rather than some guy up the street.

A good teacher however may not be some up and coming hotshot who wants to be a rock star himself, very often these type of players just do it for the money and have no real interest in making you a good guitar player, if they do not give you proper printed notes and exercises then beware, find a well prepared professional who does things properly.

One of the main obstructions that many young players hit is the belief that they will never be as good as the players they admire, but what every beginner needs to realize is that while some players get it more quickly than others, if you are willing to put in the hours you can become as good as any player that has ever lived. A big statement you may say, but it is true, these people are not blessed, anyone can do what they do with the right mindset and instruction, and of course a whole load of practice.

There are many that may dispute this statement, but take Eddie Van Halen for instance, he is a genuine guitar legend and I love what he has brought to rock playing, I also love the Van Halen band but even Eddie has now admitted that back in the day he practiced 10 hours a day, so maybe he is not such a natural after all?

I guarantee you that if you practice 10 hours a day for the next 10 years, but have structured exercises and lessons (not just playing the same old stuff all the time), you can be as good or better than Eddie Van Halen. While Eddie is an innovator and great player, if he had not been in a band with great songs he may not be the hero he is today.

So there you have it, you can become as good as you want to be, or if that seems like too much work just sit back and turn on the games console and live the dream for a couple of hours!

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