Dylan McDermott – A Hollywood Icon

Born in 1962 in Connecticut, Dylan McDermott is a very well-known actor. He portrays the exact image of the tall, dark, handsome Hollywood star and is best known for his role in the hit TV drama 'The Practice'. He has been in many other shows and movies, however, and is one of the many classically-trained professionals working in the entertainment industry today. Unlike many of the more recent Hollywood celebrities, McDermott attended film and acting school programs to get his training before making his film debut in 1987's 'Hamburger Hill', which gave him an advantage over those who were simply trying to 'make it' at the time.

Dylan McDermott also played husband to Julia Roberts' character in 'Steel Magnolias', and found his success in the late 1990s as a full-time star of the show that he is now famous for. Since the show ended, however, Dylan has taken on many different roles in movies and television series throughout his career and still proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with. He might not be producing tons of movies every year like some celebrities, but he still offers his talents to the world on a regular basis.

Dylan McDermott was encouraged towards his dreams of acting by his stepmother, the known playwright Eve Ensler. She helped him get started in his late teens and encouraged him to pursue his dreams, despite what others said about the risks of the entertainment industry. Dylan has won Emmy nominations and Golden Globes for his career performances, and has also recently picked up a starring role in the newest FX drama 'American Horror Story'. He did fare quite well on 'Dark Blue', a police drama on TNT, but it was cancelled after two seasons due to low ratings and viewership.

Dylan McDermott might not be a household name like some celebrities, but he is certainly well known for his rugged good looks, acting talent, and his role on the show that originally made him famous. He's a popular member of the law and culture society because of his unique roles in law shows throughout his career, and someone worth getting to know a little better for anyone who likes the types of shows that McDermott is known for. His personal life is hardly worth mentioning, because he's not one of the many celebrities that is stalked regularly and spied on by the media, but his acting career is definitely noteworthy.

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