Colin Farrell Movies

If you are a movie buff, then you must have seen some movies or heard of the Irish actor “Colin Farrell”. Though this actor has not done a large number of Hollywood movies, but he has done a brilliant job in all the movies he has done. In this article, we will discuss a few Hollywood movies in which this actor has acted.

“Phone Booth” is an amazing Hollywood movie in which Colin Farrell has acted in the lead role. This movie was released in 2003. Joel Schumacher has directed this movie. The story of this movie is unique in itself. In this movie, from the starting and till the end Colin gets trapped in a phone booth as he has wrongly received a call from that phone booth. Rest of the movie is full of excitement, action and efforts of the actor for getting away with this problem. If you want to see a movie with a really different kind of plot, then go for this movie. You would love this movie.

However, if you wish to watch Colin Farrell playing the role of a villain in a super hero movie, then you should watch “Daredevil”. This movie was released in 2003. It is full of relevant action and special effects. Colin Farrell has done a short role in this movie. But he has played the role of a dangerous villain in this movie. If you wish to watch a science fiction movie of Colin Farrell, then you can watch “Minority Report”. The lead role in this movie is done by Tom Cruise.

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