Capturing a Romantic Flare: Be Inventive and Avoid the Commonplace

One of the first rules about being romantic is to invent some kind of approach that is not common. In other words, romantic content is measured on a scale of being new and original, a clever idea that hasn’t been copied from someone else. When it is new, or the first of anything devised, it makes a deeper impression.

For example, if you both are the type that likes to go to the movies, why go to the movies in the same old place? With the help of a 60″ flat screen TV, a portable generator, a few comfortable folding chairs, and a couple large speaker boxes, you could set up an outdoor theater in the middle of the woods, preferably close to some sort of beautiful geographical landmark or tourist attraction.

Many people make an enormous blunder when it comes to pondering about some approaches to romance. Most seem to be bogged down in the same old cliché about what romance is. It is a natural instinct to picture and assume that lingerie and candlelit dinner can be sexy and emotionally stimulating in a romantic way, but it is not the only choice. However, for many people it’s not even the best approach to it.

So how do you find the best romantic ideas? Well first, you would need to start with your own relationship. Instead of following the nostalgia of society or what you see on TV, why not design you romantic gesture to fit the style that you and your partner both like?

At the very least this will give you an array of opportunities for romance. Lingerie and chocolate doesn’t always retain its excitement and can get boring, believe it or not. It’s better to spice things up by changing them around once in a while.

So for instance, if you and your partner both love the outdoors and enjoy camping, you could go camping together. You could still have the candlelit dinner and lingerie, but you will have thrown in a whole new concept of doing it in the great outdoors (or a tent), branding the whole experience as exclusively yours and your partner’s.

If the two of you are enthralled by live music, or even gambling, a wonderful romantic getaway to a nearby city or casino might be fantastic. Most wouldn’t think a casino could be very romantic, but romance can be doing something that is special with someone special, and if both of you love casinos, then it would be special, especially if the casino is featuring some guest star performer.

Whatever it may be it doesn’t really matter all that much just as long as you both enjoy it and you can both share it together (and it’s an experience that you don’t do too often, therefore it won’t easily get boring).

The lineup of these romantic ventures are great and can be a lot of fun, but what about everyday life? How long has it been since you did something out of the ordinary and turned a Wednesday night into something special?

Often, too many couples get so caught up in the daily routine of work, school, and family activities that they forget the day-to-day things that they can do to be romantic and relaxing. It would be a lot easier and less expensive than the big ventures, but sometimes it can mean even more to your partner.

Many of these things can be worked into everyday life. So if you want to know about a few things you can do, here are some ideas:

1. If your partner is the one who usually takes care of the kids, helping them with their bathes and their homework, why not step in and handle those duties for them for one night unexpectedly?

It may not sound that great, but giving your partner a break to spend some time soaking in a tub, or reading a good book, or whatever can be a caring gesture that will come across as a romantic outreach.

It will show them that you have a lot of respect for what they do and want to help them relax a little, for a change. Something so simple, and totally out of the blue, can do so much to make your partner loved and appreciated. And that will lead them to appreciate you too.

2. How about stepping in and cooking a meal of your partner’s favorite food “just because”? Again, the spontaneous action behind it can make them feel special and loved. That’s always a good motive.

Some of these suggestions are very simple but don’t disregard them. Those big, out of the ordinary gestures can be great ideas for romance, but they’re not the only thing that can be done to send a message to your partner that you love and respect them. What it really comes down to is that the term “romantic” can also be a simple expression of enduring and long-lasting love.

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