Blake Lively the Entertainer


Blake in the Beginning

Blake Lively was born August 25 1987. She has one of the most beautiful birthstones the Peridot it is a light green color. It matches with just about anything with her beautiful complexion Growing up with a mother that was a model that makes your clothes out of outdated pieces really shows you that fashion is whatever you want it to be. Being on the hit t.v. series Gossip Girl she plays a fashionable woman in Manhattan. And also going to Paris’s fashion couture-week she knows fashion.

How Blake got into acting

She had fun growing up in a show-business family. Her mom taught acting classes after her modeling career ended and took Blake along with her so she would not have to stay with a babysitter. Her brother had a big part in getting her into acting because that was the last thing she wanted to do because her family was full of actors/actresses. He talked her into going to an audition.She thought she should do it because he was always nice to her. She ended up going to a couple more and that is how she received her first job in the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Blake’s movie with Ben Affleck

Now she is in a movie with Ben Affleck called The Town. The movie is about a crew of men from a neighborhood in Charlestown who rob a bank. Which Affleck heads up and has strong ties to the neighborhood. Thank goodness there is a code of silence within these neighbors. Things get hairy when Affleck starts having feelings for the woman he held up at the bank. Blake plays Affleck’s ex-girlfriend that has a lot of trouble being a single mother and selling drugs just to barley get by. Blake also had to struggle with still having strong feelings for Affleck.

Getting in touch with her character

Blake ventured out of her comfort zone with this movie. She had to go in the projects of Boston to get her accent down just right and to get the feel of her character. She also had one of her friends from Gossip Girl that was from Boston have some of her family come down to New York to help with the accent. She enjoyed spending time in the projects to help get in touch with her character. The girls that she met and spent time with were really nice to her and it seemed that it did not matter that she was a movie star. They just thought of her as another one of them. One of the girls that she would ride around town with would say “I got Hollywood in my car” just to be playing around. A lot of the girls that helped her with improving her character came to the set to help her with the syllables, but they were also extras in the movie. It meant a lot to her that they approved of her character.

Blake’s inspirations

Being born in the Peridot month in 1987 Blake is a little young to remember Affleck in Good Will Hunting. But when asked who her inspiration was she would normally tell you guys names because they normally get better opportunities. That is not to say woman do not get great opportunities to because there is a lot of woman that inspire her. She just feels that there is so many wonderful inspirations that she needs to make a name for her own self. So people would remember her for the great roles that she has done.

Blake being a “Fashion Darling”

Blake is known as a “Fashion Darling.” Her fashion is known to everyone. She could put anything on like a beautiful pair of Peridot earrings, dark washed skinny jeans, a graphic baby doll t-shirt, and a pair of stiletto’s and would be beautiful. She is what you call a fashion icon and will be one for years to come. You will be hearing of her styles and what she is wearing in all the magazines. She is front page worthy with her fashionable outfits.

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