Beginner Guitar Lesson Tips For This Generations Aspiring Rock Guitarist

It’s quite easy for many young guitarists to get infatuated with rock or heavy metal music and skip out on some of the benefits of a beginner guitar lesson. However, while you might be somewhat successful learning some of your favorite songs with a little practice, having the techniques and concepts provided by lessons will become an invaluable asset throughout your entire life of playing. Throughout my 20 years of experience playing the guitar, I have noticed many things that prevent many young players from progressing even further. Below I have decided to share a few of these things in hopes of inspiring young, beginner guitar players to take the right path.

Perhaps one of the most important things that many beginner guitar players do not keep in mind the difference between practicing and playing. For example, while learning and playing your favorite songs may be fun and provide you with a sense of accomplishment, this really isn’t practicing. All of the great guitar players in music history had one thing in common; they practiced, practiced, and then practiced some more. Its going to be in your best interest to get a beginner guitar lesson early on that teaches you some great warm up exercises and concepts that you will be able to practice. However, practicing shouldn’t only consist of learning new things. Practicing the things you already know in order to master them and increase your overall dexterity will pay off ten fold in the long run.

The next common mistake that I often find young, beginner guitarists making is sticking to only one genre. Even if your musical tastes at the time are restricted to modern rock music, for instance, you will be limiting yourself by only learning techniques and taking lessons pertaining to that genre. The simple fact of the matter is that when it comes to playing an instrument, especially the guitar, genres quickly start to blend together in terms of technique. Rock music borrows from pop music, which borrows from classical music and just about everything else. Learning a wide variety of techniques, concepts, and playing styles will be one of the essential aspects to your development as a guitarist. Pretty much every modern genre of music borrows from concepts from blues, which is always an excellent place for many guitarists to start.

One of the most important things that I try to teach all my young students taking a beginner guitar lesson to improve technique or just their understanding of the learning process is to experiment. Often times players get too wrapped up in whether or not they look cool playing or are able to impress their friends and often forget the benefits of discovering new genres, techniques, and musicians they otherwise would have steered clear of. This is why its always a great idea to mix things up on a daily or weekly basis, if you have been learning strictly rock songs and techniques, try some blues or jazz the next week. You will quickly notice how the things you learn one week in a beginner guitar lesson will improve your overall skill set no matter what genre your playing!

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